• Focus roll-on

Focus roll-on

FOCUS blend is a stimulating blend formulated to help improve mental clarity, focus and overcome weariness during study and exams.

* Before the advent of caffeine, people relied on the invigorating properties of botanical stimulants such as peppermint and rosemary, to promote mental focus and physical vigour.

Focus Blend Roll On is an energy-enhancing blend of plant oils and extracts, which surrounds you with a stimulating fragrance to help counteract fatigue, dispel doubts and promote a more positive outlook.

A GREAT AID for students, kids and grown ups while working.

How to Use

Apply to big toe, back of neck and forehead.

Made up of frankincense, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass, basil, peppermint & rosewood essential oils and apricot oil.


* Just apply to your pulse points, temples, behind your ears or between your toes/soles of your feet, inhale deeply and revel in the energising, concentration-boosting blend of rosemary, frankincense, lemongrass, geranium rosewood, peppermint, and basil – ideal for helping you fully embrace every day, or to restore equilibrium at the end of a wearying long haul flight.

  • $20.00 BND
  • $22.00 BND