• 30g/30ml vapor rub tin

30g/30ml vapor rub tin

(For young children & grown-ups)


In times of cold and flu season, this natural vapor rub is good remedy to have around.
Use as needed to help reduce coughing & congestion.
For babies under 3mths, apply only on soles of the feet.

Direction to use :
Gently massage the Vapor Rub onto chest, back, throat and soles of the feet, REPEAT TWO or THREE times a day and before retiring for more restful sleep.

Suitable for ALL ages. 

Our vapor rub contains therapeutic grade essential oils blend of the following:

  • lemon
  • ravintsara
  • eucalyptus blue mallee
  • organic peppermint
  • rosemary
  • myrtle
  • pine
  • marjoram
  • lavender
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