Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy

Happy tummy is a blend of ginger, fennel, patchouli and peppermint. Pre-diluted with apricot oil. and safe to use for all ages. 

Direction to use: Massage on abdomen/tummy and back, to relieve stomach bloating, gas, constipation, colic, upset tummy, nausea, gastric. 

Lie down in a quiet place, play a little ZEN music, lock the door – cut yourself off from interruption.

Remove any clothing which constricts your midriff.

Apply HAPPY TUMMY ROLL-ON WITH warm compress or hot napkin or a hot water bottle, a good old hot water bottle like the ones our grandmothers used.

Breathe deeply, down into your stomach.
With both hands, gently massage your stomach clockwise, pressing lightly on the harder areas, between 30 and 60 rotations.


Suitable for ALL ages. 

therapeutic grade essential oils blend

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